Venice, Italy, new Jewish ghetto


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The term Ghetto originally  derives from the Venetian word getto meaning the pouring of metal. Today, the word “ghetto”  has a negative connotation but in 1516, when an enclosed neighborhood for Jews was created in Venice, “ghetto” referred to the foundry that the district replaced. The intention wasn’t to persecute Jews but the Venetian Republic segregated its Jews to placate the Roman Catholic Church, which had already forced the expulsion of Jews from much of Western Europe. Nonetheless, in the span of a few decades the Venetian Jews were able to overcome obstacles and establish a tight network of trade which involved all those states bordering on the Mediterranean Sea.


You will visit with our guides the ghetto and learn the historical importance and contribution of the Jewish population during the Serenissima Republic. You will see the famous hidden Synagogues which are the oldest and most precious in Europe. The tour starts at your hotel where your guide will pick you up and walk you to the Ghetto passing the characteristic surrounding area  of Cannaregio and then introduce you to the guide of the ghetto who will accompany you privately into three stunning Synagogues and explain the Ghetto’s history, art and curiosities. After the ghetto tour you will return with your guide towards the centre always by way of the more characteristic areas passing also through the various markets.

Duration: min. 3 h (Not available on Saturday).

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