Grand Canal cruise & walking tour

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Start your tour with a cruise on a private boat along the Grand Canal to see the triumphant city admired by visitors for centuries as it was made to be seen by boat.

Your private guide will pick you up at the hotel with your boat and driver, and then proceed to point out all of the important sights of Venice and explain its history.


Passing through the shaped Canallazzo, nick name for the Grand Canal, you will really see Venice as it was at its height of power during the Serenissima Republic. After the hour long ride, the walking tour begins at the Accademia and takes you through the hidden streets, passing the Church of San Sebastiano where Veronese, one of Venice’s most famous Renaissance painters, frescoed all the ceilings and was buried. You will also pass by the Squero where the Venetians once built their gondolas.

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