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Artisan Experience in Florence

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Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, also gave birth to the culture of what is known today as fine italian hand-crafted goods.The city’s workshops, dating from the 13th century, still produce some of the most beautiful quality objects in the world. This original tour let you approach to several workshops to observe tuscan artisans at work. The most famous Florentine works are located above all in the “Santo Spirito” district where you’ll see small ateliers and the city’s finest jewelers. A visit to the St. Spirit Cathedral is included too.
Our tour to the  master craftsman’s workshop, will show clients the culture of these traditions passed down from generation to generation.

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On request we can offer the visit to see workshops that create hand-crafted  goods( Leather, Mosaic in-lay, Paper making and decorating, Wrought-iron, Stained-glass, Gold smith, Silver smith, Silk Tapestry) where our assistant will act as interpreter bringing the craftsmen and their work to our clients first-hand through on-site demonstrations and explanations.

Available as a half or full day tour

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