We offer personalised shopping tours.
Thanks to our numerous professional advisers, you can now find this service in the main Italian cities.
Our advisors know every shop, department store, atelier, and other exclusive addresses available to our customers.
Our certified international experience, as well as the quality of services offered by us, allows us to respond to the needs and preferences for any shopping requirement for all customers, individual or business.

Our consultants will accompany you on a selection of themed itineries based on:

  • Art and craft
  • Style and fashion trends
  • Health & well-being
  • Food & Drink
  • Outlets
  • Luxury Shopping
  • All absolutely Made in Italy!

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  • Artisan Experience in Florence

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    Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, also gave birth to the culture of what is known today as fine italian hand-crafted goods.The city’s workshops, dating from the 13th century, still produce some of the most beautiful quality objects in the world. This original tour let you approach to several workshops to observe tuscan artisans at work. The most famous Florentine works are located above all in the “Santo Spirito” district where you’ll see small ateliers and the city’s finest jewelers. A visit to the St. Spirit Cathedral is included too.
    Our tour to the  master craftsman’s workshop, will show clients the culture of these traditions passed down from generation to generation.

  • Shopping Tour in the Eternal City

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    Enjoy a private shopping tour in Rome to discover the ideal shopping spots in the city where you can find the perfect stylish pair of Italian shoes, the best craftsmanship and costume-made items or high quality bags…

    We can arrange  appointments to  explore the haute couture ateliers, boutiques and make you discover exclusive showrooms around the Eternal city.

    Choose a different shopping experience with us!

  • A gift in Venice: arts and crafts

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    Venice of arts and crafts: starting with the glass blowers and decorators, to move to those that carve the wood, those that build a gondola and the other boats in Venice, the oars, the oar forks, those that prepare the gold leaf, those that create the mosaic tiles, the ones that make books and paper by hand, those that create with paper, decorate paper like marble, the mask makers and paper mache, that paint masks, those that print fabrics or weave the silk draperies, those that make shoes by hand, that make jewels with ancient beads…

  • The Wonder’s of Murano Glass

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    It is not known exactly when the art of glass making began except that it was confined to Murano by a law passed in 1291. Since then Murano glass has been known worldwide for its craftsmanship, imagination, creativity and originality. Still today as in the past Murano glass is made by hand with a team of artisans known as a “piazza” working around the glass master who seated in his “scagno” directs and works the glass with his team.”


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    Walking from the hotel they will reach one of the most lively and colorful campo of the city, Campo Santa Margherita, children will discover an antique Venetian masks studio and meet the owner who will teach them how to decorate a real mask.The craftsman will give them a theoretical explanation to understand the meaning of each mask and the different coloring techniques to express their creativity, and they will at the end take home their hand made mask that they made and photographs of the day. We will then accompany them back to the hotel stopping first for a famous Italian Gelato.


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    The realm of Tuscan ceramics is wide-ranging. It stretches from traditionally decorated plates, vases, jugs and jars to products with a distinctive modern design. We have selected some of the best ceramics factories in our region to give you the best access to a very creative Tuscan craft.