Venice & The Veneto

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    The castle of Can Grande della Scala II is a corner of intact Middle Ages: the moat with drawbridges, the corner towers, the massive tower, the bridge over the river-bold architecture and at the same time, romantic and evocative. The castle houses the richest museum in the city, kept between 50 and 70 years of the twentieth century by Carlo Scarpa. The sculpture gallery has an impressive walk through powerful works of religious art of the fourteenth century, full of dramatic expressionism.


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    Borgo Trento, the neighborhood that occupies the loop of the Adige river upstream from the city center, was built during the Great War as a new residential area for the emerging middle class of the time. Its streets still retain many villas – sometimes bizarre, sometimes of rare elegance – that testify to the new, comfortable lifestyle of the twentieth century.


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    In the historical center, between towers and courtyards with wellheads, hovers the spirit of William Shakespeare,  that gave Verona a universal reputation as a romantic city.


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    For three months a year the city’s sky is filled with the notes of famous works like Aida and Carmen, Nabucco and Rigoletto, La Traviata and La Boheme: it is the festival of Verona.


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    Power, passion and ambition, we tell the story of the dynasty that gave Verona in the fourteenth century by introducing the characters in this family saga and places linked to them. Their presence still lingers, and is specified in the definition of “Verona Verona.”

  • VERONA: Food & Wine

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    A walk in the historic center of Verona, on the banks of the Adige river and the medieval streets, in search of places of tradition and good wine. We show the historical reasons for the presence of the taverns and we present the wines of Verona area: the white Custoza, Durello, Lugana, Soave, Valpolicella red and emblazoned Amarone.


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    “Valpolicella” probably means “land of many cellars” and the wineries that produce excellent wines are still many. The route runs north-west of the city, lying in a landscape of rolling three valleys with vineyards, dotted with historic houses, typical of small towns and picturesque Romanesque churches.


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    A fragment of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Alps: the largest lake in Italy holds together the solar and aggressive beauty of the South and the melancholy twilight of the North. Loved by many, from Catullus and Goethe, by Winston Churchill and Maria Callas, the Garda sports a continuous variation of colors and landscapes: the Garda today there are those who choose for a holiday of relaxation and meditation, for those who embark on daring and spectacular sports like free climbing and windsurfing.


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    Soave, protected by walls and dominated by its medieval castle, was for centuries as the military and defense. However the real “ladies” of this land was (and is) the golden nectar of the vines planted on hillsides.


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    This exotic grain is grown in the low plains of Verona from the beginning of the sixteenth century! That’s why rice is combined in so many versions in our kitchen: Risotto with Amarone, all’isolana, red chicory, asparagus.

    It is not any rice: Rice is a I.G.P. – The only one in Italy – great quality and high nutritional value, a classic risotto.