Venice & The Veneto

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    The collections of the city: the archeological ones, including the Egyptian, Etruscan, pre-Roman and Roman sections; the painting gallery, with paintings and masterpieces from the XIV to the XIX century, from Giotto to Tiepolo, including Tintoretto and Canova; the Emo Capodilista collection; the Bottacin collection, the Zuckermann Palace with the collection of applied decorative arts, and St. Anthony’s Museum.

    An itinerary to discover the most important legacies, donations and acquisitions of the city.



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    The University, The Liviano, The Botanical Garden.This itinerary starts from the founding of the University, studium, to give further space to the discovery of the experimental scientific method.


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    The  Venetian fortified walls and what is left of the previous walls surrounding the city.The Jewish ghetto, the synagogues and the cemeteries.This itinerary  develops around those monuments that are relevant for the history and the expansion of the city.For this itinerary, you can arrange your visits to Padua’s hidden treasures directly with the chosen guide.


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    An itinerary to discover the small museums located in the Paduan province. There are the Geological and Paleontological Museum  (near the quarry Cava Bomba) in Cinto Euganeo, the flora and fauna Museum (Villa Beatrice) on Mount Gemola, the historical museum of the Bacchiglione river in Cervarese Santa Croce in the San Martino della Vanezza Castle,  as well as the Air and Flight Museum in the castle of San Pelagio in Due Carrare and then the Museum of the river navigation in Battaglia Terme.

  • BELLUNO: The heart of the Dolomites

    Login to see price! Palazzo dei Rettori und der Torre Civica gehören zu den bedeutendsten Gebäuden der Provinzhauptstadt Belluno


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    Comelico Superior is the last remnant of the Eastern Cadore and Veneto, bordering Pustertal and Austria, a small paradise preserved by the confusion of mass tourism.


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    For mountain lovers can organize ad hoc itineraries among the most picturesque mountain towns such as Cortina d’Ampezzo, Pieve di Cadore, Auronzo, Sappada



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    For nature lovers and sports can be arranged on request trekking among the more ‘typical huts of the Belluno Dolomites, mountain biking, rafting …


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    In ancient Roman times, the city of Verona received its chess-board layout and was adorned with the Arena, the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatre that today still provides hours of good music and entertainment.


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    Verona, the city second only to Rome for the number of Roman ruins! The ancient paths of the thistles and decumanus are still legible in the texture of the urban center; following them we run into Roman remains numerous and of excellent quality: two monumental gates and sections of walls and roads, the mosaics of private domus and tombstones, an honorary arch intact in its elegant structure.