The Langhe is a precious region in Piedmont, situated between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, and bordering the Monferrato area. The landscape of the Langhe is unique in the world: there are twelve hills adorned with noble vineyards, hidden within timeless villages. The hills, in particular, take on a different shape depending on whether they are on the right side or left side of the River Tanaro. The right bank of the Tanaro is characterized by long and rolling hills, eroded by the weather over millennia, and the view is reminiscent of moving waves. The left bank, however, is characterized by steep and rocky cliffs, the result of a younger geology.

A tour of the Langhe allows you to discover the landscapes, which give intense emotions throughout the seasons: splendid castles, villages set in colourful valleys and orderly vine rows are the images that accompany a package holiday in the Langhe.

At the heart of a tour to the Langhe is a series of suggested evocative short breaks, to experience the local food and drink. Starting with a visit to Barolo, a charming hamlet situated on a plateau, surrounded by vineyards and a natural amphitheatre of hills; it offers a magnificent panorama of the hills, restaurants, bottiglierie (traditional wine shops), artisan shops, a Wine Museum and a museum just dedicated to corkscrews.
Next we visit Grinzane Cavour, whose symbol is the imposing castle overlooking the vineyards, that stretch far into the hills, offering tourists a breath-taking vista with the Alps in the background. Then there is Serralunga, dominated by an imposing castle, built in the mid XIV Century, featuring an original verticality. To reach this delightful village you need to walk along a narrow street that offers enchanting scenery for the tourist. Finally, La Morra, sits on a privileged point to view all the Langhe area. The ancient village is, in fact, perched on a 500 metre high hill, where you can have an amazing 360 degree view of the whole of the Langhe.

A tour of Piedmont, however, does not only include the beautiful area of the Langhe, but also cities of great historical, cultural interest and surrounding landscapes. Holiday packages in Piedmont, also include a visit to Turin, a very active cultural and touristic centre, with splendid museums and ancient buildings, Asti, the main town of Monferrato, famous for its numerous churches and towers, Alba, best known for its excellent wines and the refined culinary traditions, and Racconigi, which houses one of the oldest and best-preserved royal residences, dating back to the reign of Carlo Alberto.

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  • A day in Turin

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    Experience a day in the elegant city of  Turin to discover its city center and the most important buildings, arcades full of antique shops and fine cafes.  Accompanied by a private professional guide who knows very well traditions and gastronomy delights of this territory, you will discover the secrets, the art and the history of this extraordinary city.

  • Turin and the Egyptian Museum

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    Discover the elegant center of Turin, with this walking tour starting from Piazza Castello. See the most important buildings: Palazzo Madama, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Royal Palace and its armory, the Cathedral and the Roman Quadrilateral. Stroll under the elegant arcades full of antique shops and fine cafes. Your tour will continue in the Egyptian Museum, the second largest in the world for its outstanding collection of mummies, statues, artifacts, and exhibits.

  • The Royal Palace of Venaria

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    Discover the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Royal Palace of Venaria on the outskirts of Turin, a magnificent example of Baroque art immersed in the beautiful setting of its namesake village and French gardens. The Royal Palace of Venaria is one of the residence of the Savoy Royal family.

  • A day in the Langhe & Roero Region

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    Langhe and Roero are small ancient provinces where the traditions have been kept alive. It’s the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, as well as the famous truffle and French influenced cuisine.  It is the home to the world renowned red Italian wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto. This has made it a favourite for tourists the world over interested in fine foods and wines.


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    Step into industrial Turin and discover great art, exciting architecture, and industrial treasures!

    Follow your knowledgeable guide to Agnelli’s Art Gallery that islocated at top of the Lingotto factory. Built between 1916 and 1923, the Lingotto was once the world’s largest car factory and seat of FIAT industry. Transformed into an exciting public space by Renzo Piano, the Scrigno, a structure which seems to float atop the building, marks the final step of the 20 year long restructuring process.


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    First capital of Italy Kingdom and considered one of the European capitals of baroque and today of contemporary art

    Turin is a wonderful place to explore Italian culture. Boasting elegant squares, world class museums and a charming café scene

    This is the perfect way to discover the magical and mystery city of Turin.  During this three hours tour your  expert English-speaking guide will accompany you to discover  the major sites showing you captivating Baroque masterpieces:  Piazza San Carlo, the Cupola del Guarini, the Royal Palace and Piazza Castello.Strolling  through the city center you will stop in a historic caffè to experience Turin’s most traditional coffee: the bicerin, traditionally paired with excellent gourmet chocolate and pastries.


  • ASTI

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    Rich and powerful Mediaeval city, Asti preserves today the testimonies of its eminent past in its ancient district, among palaces, fortified houses, towers and churches.


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    With its Mediaeval origins, Cuneo is one of the most livable cities in Italy. The home of renowned figures in Italian literature and in the history of the Resistenza during World War II, Cuneo offers to the visitor the scenic piazza Galimberti – a typical Piedmontese square, an extensive historic district, and the unforgettable crown of the Alps, together with the cultural sites such as Mondovì and Saluzzo. Cuneo is agreeable and precious like its valleys and the nearby ski resorts. Here, in the Alpi Marittime mountains, you will be charmed by the Summer walks and by the huts plunged in an unspoiled nature


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    Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, set like jewels among the mountains, have always been a destination for visitors looking for quietness and elegance at the same time.  On the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore, from Arona to Cannobio, you find enchanting natural views, noble palaces, “liberty” style villas, marvelous gardens and peaceful small towns. Stresa is maybe the best known town, overlooking the gulf and the Borromee islands: Isola Bella, with Palazzo Borromeo and its gardens, Isola Madre, again made precious by its lavish gardens, and Isola dei Pescatori, with its distinctive old district. On the opposite bank, there are the famous gardens of Villa Taranto and Villa San Remigio, where you can also visit the Romanesque church of the same name.

    Lake Orta too has got its precious stone: St. Giulio island, with its untouched ancient allure, deriving its name from the basilica founded by St. Giulio in the IV century. And, here on the lakes you can enjoy fish delicacies in every possible way, made according to the traditional recipes, or revised by the chef’s creativity.



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    This “Valley” region is plunged in the Alps, surrounded by four of the highest mountains in Italy and Europe. Among them is the Monte Bianco (4810 m), destination of many mountain lovers, both in Summer and in Winter. The celebrated cableway connecting Courmayeur to Chamonix in France overlooks one of the most spectacular alpine panoramas. Nature and landscape are uncorrupted, and this little corner of Italy is distinguished by trekking routes, striking glaciers, natural parks, woods and pastures, and castles.Those who don’t like mountain adventures can choose among many cultural routes, leading to small hamlets in the side valleys, where traditions and architecture survived unchanged through the centuries.Aosta, the main city, was an important Ancient Roman town founded in 25 b.C. Thanks to the well preserved Roman ruins, it is often called “the Rome of the Alps”. As Aosta is not very big, you can walk in this town for a “comprehensive” visit, or select a specific theme, like archeology or the local food and folklore.