Florence & Tuscany

Florence is recognized worldwide as the “cradle of the Renaissance”: during the fifteenth century, in fact, the streets of Florence have hosted architects, painters and sculptors like Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi and Masaccio. Brilliant and genial artists have enriched the city with churches, bridges, museums and palaces; extraordinary painters have changed the history of art forever and this reflects positively on Italy in museums around the world. The well known film director Franco Zeffirelli, admiring this wonderful city, said: “if the human genius has come this far, then I can and must try to create, act and live”.

Our Florence holiday packages will allow you to see the city including all its “jewels”. The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, the Baptistery, the Campanile di Giotto and Brunelleschi’s Dome are an extraordinary complex of buildings that welcome tourists in the heart of Florence. Ponte Vecchio is undoubtedly one of the most famous places of Italy and houses traditional goldsmiths with amazing skills. The imposing Palazzo Vecchio and la Torre di Arnolfo a 130m high tower, are together the symbol of Florence, guarded by a copy of Michelangelo’s David at the entrance. The Uffizi Gallery is a treasure chest with the most important masterpieces from around the world, while the Gallery of the Accademia houses the works of the most important sculptors from XIV to XVI century, mainly work by Michelangelo. There are so many things to see in Florence: a holiday package is the best way not to miss anything.

Apart from Florence, there are also other beautiful Tuscan gems there to be admired by visitors who decide to take advantage of one of our holiday packages in Tuscany. Tuscany, in fact, is certainly amongst the most beautiful regions in all of Italy, full of unforgettable landscapes. Pisa is another must visit destination: Miracle Square with the leaning tower represent the symbol of the city. Siena is a city of unique charm, full of narrow streets with cobblestones and brick houses: Piazza del Campo, with its unique shell shape, is the heart of the city. San Gimignano is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic villages of Tuscany, characterized by typical high towers in stone, narrow medieval streets and a landscape adorned by vineyards.

But it’s not only art and culture, but also excellent cuisine and fine wines that await the tourist who decides to explore Florence and Tuscany. Salami (Cured Meats), bruschette ai fegatini (bruschetta with chicken liver), ribollita, Fiorentina (the Florentine steak) and tripe are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy in these part of the world, all accompanied by a glass of wine, strictly red.

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  • Classical tour of Florence & the Uffizi Gallery

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    Florence, capital of Tuscany, cradle of Renaissance art, one of the most important art cities in the world … It is the city of the arts and “the beautiful” appears in all its glorious memory. Every single corner of Florence will tell you a story and offer you a huge arts Heritage displaied in different galleries, monuments, museums and churches.  During this tour you will discover Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, Galleria dell’Accademia (housing Michelangelo’s sculpture of David) and the unique  Ponte Vecchio.

  • Classical Tour of Florence – Express Tour ( 2 hours)

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    A great experience in a short time… Discover the best of Florence  during a pleasant stroll through its history, arts and beauty in just 2 hours! After meetting your private  guide at your hotel,  be ready to embark a journey back in time.



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    Discover the tasty world of genuine Tuscan food on a guided culinary tour in Florence! Together with our food expert guide you will experience the best of Tuscan special products – a tour of sheer indulgence!




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    The Uffizi are the most complete Italian painting gallery. It was the private collection of the Medici Family, who were as interested in money as in art. Several hundred works were bought, confiscated and commissioned in over 200 years of their political regency. They allow us a chronological walk through the story of European painting.

    The Uffizi’s Gallery is a really special building full of the greatest painting of Giotto, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, the Lippi’s, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano and many other prestigious masterpieces like the “born of Venus” and “the Spring” of Sandro Botticelli.


  • Artisan Experience in Florence

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    Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, also gave birth to the culture of what is known today as fine italian hand-crafted goods.The city’s workshops, dating from the 13th century, still produce some of the most beautiful quality objects in the world. This original tour let you approach to several workshops to observe tuscan artisans at work. The most famous Florentine works are located above all in the “Santo Spirito” district where you’ll see small ateliers and the city’s finest jewelers. A visit to the St. Spirit Cathedral is included too.
    Our tour to the  master craftsman’s workshop, will show clients the culture of these traditions passed down from generation to generation.

  • A day in Siena ( from Florence)

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    Together with Florence and Pisa, Siena is one of the leading art cities in Tuscany and a place which has managed to preserve carefully its medieval character. Starting from your hotel, together with your driver, you will reach and experience a great day in this unique city!


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    The Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella is one of the most important churches of Italy. Its facade is a unique masterpiece of Renaissance architecture as it is the ‘Trinity’ fresco inside the church, a work of Masaccio, the father of Renaissance painting.

    We start our guided tour of Santa Maria Novella in front of its façade, designed by Leon Battista Alberti. Inside the church, we then proceed with some late medieval works (Nardo di Cione, Orcagna, Giotto), the most important frescoes (Masaccio, Filippino Lippi, Ghirlandaio) and with some paintings of the sixteenth century.

    Upon request, the guided tour of Santa Maria Novella can be completed by a visit of the Green Cloister, frescoed by Paolo Uccello, and the Spanish Chapel decorated with frescoes of Andrea di Bonaiuto, an outstanding illustration of the domenican doctrine.



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    The Palatine gallery is located on the first floor of the Pitty Palace, which was formerly the residence of the grandukes of Tuscany and later of the King of Italy. Created in the eighteenth century, the museum displays a vast array of paintings of Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens, Pietro da Cortona and other Italian and European painters masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

    Our guided tours starts with a short introduction into the history of the Pitty Palace, followed by a detailed presentation of the emminent works of this museum as Fillipo Lippi’s ‘Tondo Bartolini’ and the famous ‘Madonna della seggiola’ painted by Raffaelo. From the Palatine Gallery the visit continues through the Royal Apartments, fourteen splendid rooms which were the home of the Medici and Lorraine families and, from 1865, of the king of Italy.


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    The Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti is located in the beautiful rooms of the Pitti Palace, once used by the Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Dukes. The collection consists of works of sculpture and painting dating from late eighteenth century to the years of World War I. Besides the neoclassical and romantic works are strongly represented some of the finest paintings of the Macchiaioli school (Giovanni Fattori, Signorini Telemaco, Odoardo Borrani, Vincenzo Cabianca and others), of which the museum owns a unique collection. Our guided tour in the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti focuses indeed on this aspect of the vast collection.


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    The Silver Museum is housed in the wing of the Pitti Palace, which the Medici inhabited during the summer. The very beautiful murals, commissioned in 1635 by Grand Duke Ferdinand II on the occasion of his wedding with Vittoria della Rovere would alone justify the visit of this museum.

    On our guided tour through the rooms of the Silver Museum, we show you the most beautiful pieces of the Medici treasure and the so-called “Salzburg-treasure”: an amazing collection of works in silver and gold, ivory and other precious materials.