Puglia & Salento

Puglia is the Italian region with the highest growth rate in the tourism sector in recent years. Puglia satisfies the tastes of all visitors offering sea (or rather the “seas”), nature and cuisine. This territory is bathed by two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, each of which gives the region a different coastal geology, more than 800 km long. The Adriatic coast is characterized by rugged coasts and white cliffs animated by sea caves, whilst the Ionic coasts are sandy and surrounded by large pine forests.
A tour of Puglia, and in particular a tour of Salento, is the best way to travel to discover the spectacular scenery and the most beautiful places of this amazing region.

The name Salento is used for the southern part of Puglia and, if you imagine Italy like a shape of a boot, Salento is the peninsula “heel”.

There are many locations and attractions in this area: the holiday package in the Salento will allow you to admire all of them with our amazing itinerary.

Lecce is the largest city in Puglia, offering an evocative atmosphere thanks to its streets, buildings and churches all built using local stone. In Lecce, there are many workshops still doing handmade papier-mâché, a local tradition.
Otranto is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, marked by the typical white colour of its houses and for the blue crystal-clear waters that surround it.

Presicce is another delightful village characterized by an original underground city, formerly dedicated to the production of olive oil thanks to particular local conditions, humidity and a constant temperature.
Gallipoli, is a famous all over the country for its beaches, the colour of the sea and for the lively nightlife. Gallipoli also hides other precious beauties able to win the hearts of its visitors: the narrow streets of the village, the historic courts and the blossoming flower balconies.
It’s not just Salento, but the entire region that is visited each year by thousands of tourists. We accompany visitors on our holiday package to Puglia to discover unmissable destinations: the Grotte di Castellana, a fascinating underground karstic near Monopoli, Castello del Monte di Andria, with its unique structure, Gargano, an area full of seaside resorts, including the most famous Vieste, Lecce, with its charming old town, old Bari, and the San Nicola area, the beating heart of this timeless city.

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